Monday, February 18, 2013

Opportunity is knocking - NGDC

The Vizsla Club of America holds three National Events.  The Specialty Show and it's accompanying agility event; The National Field Trial; and the National Gun Dog Championship.

I have often wanted to attend the National Gun Dog Championship, but for the past many years it's location has only been as far West as Wisconsin, and if not located next to the big lake it was in the South East in states like Georgia - even further from those of us West of 'ole Miss. 

Well the tables have turned and for the first time it is being held in a State that folks in the West can reach without taking every vacation day they get.  The Rocky Mountain Vizsla club is hosting the event to be held April 5-10th in Calhan Colorado (approx 90 miles South of Denver).

The nice thing about the National Gundog championship is that it is a walking one hour stake.  We hear a lot about folks who don't or won't ride horses and this is the place for the foot handler to shine!  We will be attending and have a few spots left if you want your dog to attend but can't because of schedule concerns, etc.  There is also a Puppy stake so it is not limited to only the adult dogs.  Please consider attending and supporting this event.  If we don't, it's not likely we'll see it within 2500 miles of us for a very long time.  For more information please contact us or visit the VCA webpage.

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