Monday, March 11, 2013

An Awakening of sorts

In this life we lead of dogs and Men, there are points in time when a life will change course in a seemingly single instance.  Some of those times are in fact a point to which we have strived to reach yet won't realize the actual impact of a milestone until the passage of time.  Other points of a life altering shift, even though we may have taken a course of events to lead us up to that point, are fully un-anticipated, unknown or un-expected.  Only the individual him or her self and time can attest to which is the case in a turning point.

Having experienced these moments ourselves and borne witness to them as they occur to others is a fulfilling and energizing experience.  Yesterday I had the pleasure to play a small part in a bigger picture of a Man experiencing a shift to which he likely does not yet, nor will for many years, fully realize his life changed in that moment.  The moment of which I speak is sometimes referred to as being "Bitten by the Bug".  In one afternoon on a beautiful spring day near Santa Nella, California Charles' competitor spirit and passion for trialing awoke.

There is no doubt that "Rufus Tiberius" or "RT", or "TY" or "Oliver" as his Dad II and Charles good friend (Bill) calls him is loved regardless of his talents.  But yesterday, TY proved his merit in his first run ever at a Field trial.  He ran on grounds he had never seen, being handled off horseback which he had never been, running with another Pup he had never met.  He was all business and worked magnificently.  It was not a small Puppy stake - a dozen entries.  It was not a Vizsla only stake, but an All Pointing breed - many of which were German Shorthairs which can prove tough competition.  He truly shined like the star he is, but his shine paled in comparison to the pride of his Owner.  He took a third place, which though is not "the blue" was a great accomplishment as the true intent was just to get him on new grounds in an exposure run in a trial setting. 
I offer congratulations Charles, on the beginnings of your new life.  As you recanted a statement from a friend put to you (paraphrased) 
Get on, Strap in and enjoy the ride!

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