Sunday, January 27, 2013

Even a Princess can Hunt

Camps such as the Winter Camp and Summer camp are labor intensive, but they reap dividends as Pearl demonstrates...

"Pearl", aka "Pearly-May", aka "Mini-Pearl" aka "The princess" has done very well this spring!  She first picked up a retrieving Major at the South Coast Vizsla Club trial and just yesterday prevailed in another Major win at the San Diego Brittany Club trial garnering the blue in the Amateur Gun Dog under the whistle of Owner Karen Bravender. 

Pearl had a very good run, which started off rough with her bracemate trying to chase her down and trip her three times.  Finally, the Princess had enough of the furry upstart and in her Royal tone expressed with little uncertainty that it would be a very good idea to leave her alone. 

She then proceeded to run up to the top of the highest ridge and stuck her first bird.  Silhoutted on the skyline with blue sky and clouds passing behind her, the judges had plenty of time for that find to sink in as they pressed their horses up the steep slope to work the bird.  She handled this find well and cast off to find yet another bird 3/4 of the way up another steep slope.  This one judge and gallery stayed at the bottom while Karen scaled the slope on foot and aptly worked the bird.

We were joined between the second and third birds by a new dog that was well off course from the adjoining All age course who Pearl, in her typical Regal manner completely ignored as not worthy of her attention.

Refusing water Pearl reached out again and was rewarded with a find to the front and was standing when we topped a ridge, the bird worked well with all in order. 

We knew the judge was enamored with her when he was practically begging Karen to bring in Pearl "for a drink of water with only two minutes left.  He did not want any last minute problem to break this great run.

Pending AKC Approval - Willownd's Rebel-Ette, with this win, attained her "Field Champion" title.  She will continue to compete, and with some luck she will finish her "Master Hunter" title soon as well!  We're very proud of Pearl and equally proud of Karen and Tim for their dedication, hard work and wonderful friendship.  Also Kudos to Jim Searles who put a great foundation on Pearl.

We look forward to seeing Nellie's young litter afield, as Pearl is her daughter.

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