Saturday, October 2, 2010

X-Rays reveal

Well today we took Tessa in for her X-ray.  (Somewhat surprised by Woodland Veterinary Hospitals charge of $200 for two pictures!, but they did give us a pretty neat program that goes on our old computer - not compatible with windows 7 apparently - that lets us scroll around and peek at the little skeletons)  Seems somehow fitting for the Halloween season.

We were able to share them with a great couple - Hi Jodi and Ed - that is on the list for a pup as they came over to visit with all the dogs - oh yes, us too.  :-))  I'm struggling though finding a good way to post the images to the blog...

Without further ado, drumroll please.... The radiologist that read the x-rays says - 6 puppies.  I know that makes some happy, and some sad.  I'm sorry for the folks that won't be getting one this litter!  I wish we could give all the wonderful homes that have met the criteria a pup.  The one thing about this is we meet such fantastic people!  

I'd say don't give up hope yet - without knowing what we're getting, we don't know yet who will get a pup - some want only females, some only males, some either.  Hang in a little longer - after they're whelped and we have a solid idea of what we have and who still wants a pup if we don't have enough to go around, we will be happy to refer to other reputable breeders.  For those who don't mind waiting a few more months, we do plan on breeding Nellie in December - then we're done for a while.  Not that we don't love doing this, but we want to have some fun with the girls outside the whelping box too!

So the next step is we wait to see what exactly we get for boys/girls and hopefully in another week we'll be able to post some pictures of the new munchkins!  Hope everyone has a great week!

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