Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Vizsla Points list

As we humans tend to be naturally competitive, it doesn't take long before we start trying to rank one football team over another, one horse over another - so of course the same holds true for the Vizslas who compete in Field Trials.

There are different categories based on age, and whether they are in Amateur Stakes or Open Stakes.  In the Puppy/Derby this category is for dogs that compete and points are awarded for Open Stakes only - up to two years of age.  Points are awarded for each dog beaten depending on the placement received.  First place is four points, Second three points, Third two points and fourth one point.  For example, if ten dogs compete the dog that wins first place beat 9 dogs and gets four points for each (9 x 4) or 36 points.  Second place would have conquered 8 dogs at three points each (8 x 3) or 24 points etc. 

The same methodology works in Amateur Gun Dog and Open Gun Dog rankings.

Our last litter (Nellie x E.T) has done quite well.  We had four in the litter and here are the current rankings.

  Thanks very much to Skip Wonnell for his database efforts!

Ranked #1 - Willowynd's Rebel-Ette "Pearl"
Lovingly owning Tim Heydorff & Karen Bravender

Ranked #5 - Willowynd's Arctic ET Express " Hank"

(can I go again - pleeeeze???)

And Ranked #13
(which doesn't do her justice as she was pulled from competition after destroying the competition, including her brother)
Willowynd's Scarlet Letter - "Scarlet"

Way to go KIDS!  We're very proud of their achievements thus far and look forward to getting them on the big dog lists!

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