Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New Left Handed Shooter

It has been interesting becoming a Leftie after shooting right handed for so many years.  Not by choice but by necessity, a medical condition took most of my sight in my right eye and now I am left eye dominant, but still right handed - this is known as being cross dominant in the shooting world. 

I've been practicing gun mount every day trying to get muscle memory and fluency left handed.  In doing so, it was apparent that my guns are all set up for right handed shooters. 

To my good fortune, we had met a gun fitter a couple years ago and I still had his card so we set up a meeting for Sunday.  I highly reccomend Lance Keller.  He re-shaped and custom fit my Browning Citori, aligned and reground the pad on my Benelli SBEII and custom fit Janet's Remington 870 in a half a day.  He even gave us half off on Janet's because he likes to encourage women and kids into the sport!  We still need to do a little finish touchup, but the guns fit sooooo well!

note the palm relief beveled into the stock for Left Handed shooters

His website is and he explains in much better detail than I ever could the different components and setups on a gun that aid in your shooting.  If you're in Northern California and shoot and have never had your gun custom fitted to you - I'd say find him at a club nearby and at least have a chat with him.  I don't think you'll regret it.

Now it's practice practice practice to hopefully be tuned enough for the fast flying targets in South Dakota!


  1. Very nice. And I thought an over/under was not left or right handed. I'll look into this.

    Just got a box of 3" #4 shot for the gun on the under so if I miss with the 2 3/4" #6 on the over, I might be able to "reach" with the larger grain mag.

    If you don't know what you are doing, just fake it. Most people will never know the difference.


  2. So I went and did some practice rounds at the local gun club in Martinez. There was a gun smith there so I went up to him and we talked and he evaluated me for the best results.

    So I am right eyed dominate and he told me to start shooting right handed and have my gun fit to me from the right side. My gun needs some adjustments that I will do next week before we head to South Dakota. So you shoot left handed and I'll shoot right. That's only fair.


  3. Oh, we're gonna be a pair! This should be interesting! Maybe I should loan you my O/U as it's now set up for right AND left handed and I can use your leftie gun!