Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Yucky Yucky!

We discovered something new yesterday!  As life with Vizslas is always interesting, our Scarlet decided to give us a scare.  She also must've thought that we somehow managed to save a few dollars that really should go to the vet.

She has a scrape on her foreleg.  It's nothing much, but she was licking at it so we decided to treat it with a product we've used before many times on the horses and I'm sure have used it on the dogs as well called Wound Kote.
It's a purple spray and good for abrasions, scrapes, small cuts, etc.  Janet applied it yesterday morning and then let Scarlet into the backyard.  Ten minutes later I look at the back door and there is Scarlet with a foamy mouth and hyper-salivating.  Immediately we think she must have had an allergic reaction to the medication and must be in dire conditions.  We rush to UCD Veterinary Hospital where for the low low emergency fee of $190 (because the $175 they used to charge simply wasn't enough!) you get the best of care!

After an anxious wait, they come back with our purple tongued girl and let us know that everything is fine - heart rate is perfect, no respiratory issues, no temperatures, nothing wrong except....

It tastes really really bad!  That's why she was hyper-salivating.

Thanks Scarlet!

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