Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tessa's gonna be a MOM!

Yes, yes.  We know.  We planned on going in on Saturday morning to get the ultrasound.  Not as rushed, got the weekend thing going and all.  But I've always been a big believer that IMPATIENCE is a virtue too!  It get's things done darnit!
So with full approval of the family Unit, we asked the Vet and they said come on in late Thursday and they'd fire up the machine for us!

YAY!  We saw several little golden nuggets and it's confirmed - Tessa is most definitely pregnant!  Now I need to see if I can scan these pictures in to a postable format....  hmmm...

Now to the next question - how many???  We know we saw at least four different pups - so our future extended families that will be awaiting your new arrival - RARELY is an ultrasound an accurate count!  We will go back in about 20 days or so for an X-ray and should be able to get a better count. 

Thanks everyone for your support and cheerleading!  The wind and stars have aligned!

We'll keep you posted!

Oh, and this litter WILL be nominated for the Pacific Vizsla Futurity!


  1. Oh that's just fantastic news...give Tessa a big hug from us here in the UK. Makes me want another one...! Juliet, Radar & Rio