Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Still Wating....

Ah the joy of breeding dogs.  You plan and plan - research, more research - then you get to the actual breeding.   A whirlwind of activity and lots of driving is often the norm.  Everyone is full of excitement, and then.....



Now the waiting game is going soooooooo slowly!

Tessa has her ultrasound appointment Saturday morning.  We have several really nice folks interested in the litter.  We can't wait to give them good news!

On the upside (or downside for Tessa) she seems to be in the phase of not wanting to eat so much, lots of gurgling, a spreading rib cage and a bit of morning sickness.  :-)))


  1. Well good puppy making. The breeze is blowing in from the west and the sky in clear. A good omen for lots of healthy puppies in Tessa.

    Good luck and may fortune shine brightly on your little family.


  2. I think all her sign are good.... the Universe is saying YESSSSSSSSSS!