Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The secret power of Vizsla

As many of you now know, we've had more than our share of recent medical issues.  First with Janet's roading accident and most recently the tumor and my loss of vision one would think we'd be pretty down.  Though we have had our moments of self-pity, they have been surprisingly fleeting.  Why?  Here's my theory.

The secret truth - is two fold.

First - it's virtually impossible not to smile when a counter surfing tail wagging bundle of pure happiness is in your presence!  When I walk in even my bad eye can make out Hank's entire body wiggle from stem to stern like there could be no greater thrill than to see me again!  (This is basically when I go into the garage to run the door down and come right back in the house). 

Hankster's - Whatya think Dad?  look

Then there's the full on lap scrunching snuggle!  Who needs a "as sold on TV" blanket with arms in it when there's a Vizsla close by!

Pregnant Tessa napping on Janet's Lap
Secondly - as great as the first is, the hidden beauty of being owned by Vizslas is the world of people that become true friends through the common love of the dogs.  We have received such an outpouring of love from our friends it's almost overwhelming.  We feel truly blessed in knowing the people we have come to know through our dogs.

So there you have it.  The secret is no longer secret.  The secret power of Vizsla is Love.


  1. We are with you in spirit all the time Ken, Janet and Sarah.

    All our love and prayers.
    Rod and Joanie
    and the red bundles of love, Bailey and Chloe

  2. Thanks Rod and Joanie!
    We are definitely feeling the Love from our family and friends. You are all amazing people!


  3. Well said Ken! Love that you are feeling the love! It is as it should be! As you well know it also comes in Black and Tan! Black & Tan is what introduced you to Bob & I way back when and brought Janet to you! Bob & I send all our good thoughts & love to the you, Janet, Sarah & your redheads! We love you all! Bob & Dianna & the Bluewin Gordon Setter Clan!