Friday, July 30, 2010

Tessa found a mate

We have discussed breeding Tessa on and off for over a year.  She was due to come in sometime in September, but decided since NOW would be the most inconvenient time of the entire year, so that would work for her.

In a fury of final research and hours on the phone and e-mailing with friends, confidants and fellow breeders we have a fabulous  match for Miss Tessa. 

Onpoint's Flying Axel
NVA RU,FC Can Ch Onpoint's Spinning Axel x Onpoint's Smart Alec

Pups should be on the ground around October 1st so that means Tessa won't be able to go with us to South Dakota hunting this year - sorry girl! 

Sample Pedigree of the litter (clik on it for full view)

We're very excited about the litter.  If interested, please get in touch with us through the website
 (which in NOT yet updated)

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  1. Oh that's just so exciting...congratulations & good luck.