Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Yearning for South Dakota

We were fortunate enough to cross paths with a lovely woman named Barbara Teare. Barbara and her husband Ron have summer dog camped in the Firesteel, South Dakota area for 30 years. Unfortunately, Ron's health the last few years has deteriorated to the point they weren't using their summer camp and decided to offer it up for sale. Long story short, we became good friends and ended up buying their place in Firesteel. It's interesting how many new "hunting buddies" I'm getting all of a sudden. :-) (Truth is, I'm practically giddy about the thought of sharing it with friends and family)

We're sure it needs some fixes, but it's furnished and has new roof and exterior doors in 2007. There's not much we can't fix, we've renovated hundred year old farmhouses and built the house we currently live in ourselves. Plus we'll probably only be able to spend a week or two a year there until we retire - and even after that probably two to three months a year running dogs on wild birds in the praries. We're pretty stoked!

And then there's the new powdercoated steel kennels!

We don't have enough dogs to fill these ourselves! Glad we've got friends to help!!! Whatya think Rodney? Late October pheasant hunting for a week in South Dakota with Bailey?

Wish we were heading out now loaded up with dogs & horses. Sigh... but alas retirement is still a ways off - but we're gearing up for it!


  1. I think Bailey would love to run the hills of South Dakota with your dogs. Pheasant hunting in the day and beer tasting exercises after the sun goes down. Twist my arm. OK, OK. You talked me into it. Looks like a great place.
    Your new hunting buddy.

  2. Wow - what a find! Look forward to visiting some year!