Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Public Hunting grounds in South Dakota

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One of the real attractions for us in buying a place in South Dakota obvious to any pheasant hunter, is that it is known as the mecca for Pheasant hunting in the United States.

The state has a program that offers landowners a stipend for opening private lands to the public for hunting. It's known as the public hunting walk in areas. Every year the South Dakota Dept. of Fish and Game puts out an atlas that indicates the different hunting areas. This is one section around our house in Firesteel.

From Firesteel to Isabel is about 10 miles. By my rough calculations, within a ten minute drive from our house in Firesteel we have public walk in access to around 50 square miles of hunting ground! And that's not counting buying a license to hunt the reservations...

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  1. Lucky duck! If you ever want to have a Vizsla visitor I know one little girl that would be more than happy to fill that "Want" ;-) Enjoy your place