Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A couple Puppy video's

Ok, so I'll try this again!  Here is a little clip that we took today.  You'll notice their eyes are opening up and their mobility is increasing.

Here's a longer clip - I cut the resolution so it wasn't so huge a file, but it's still pretty large.

We'll post more soon!


  1. Spectacular! That pup in the green?/yellow? collar is a mover and a shaker. I love it when his brother with the big belly sleeping on his back finally gets tired of getting kicked in the belly, slaps the wiggler, and rolls over :)
    We can't wait to see you again when you and the pups are ready!

  2. Tessa is not getting any rest! She look wonderful and happy tho! The puppies little grunts and noises are so heartwarming! Can't wait!