Sunday, May 23, 2010

Horses need attention too...

With Field Trial season winding down, our horses are getting more time to lounge around the barn doing pretty much nothing but turning perfectly good hay into manure.  We've also been very busy at work the past couple of weeks, so evenings have been short and the horses haven't gotten much other than basic attention.  Add to that inclement weather and turnouts have been intermittent as well.

For most of the horses, they don't mind being lazy.  We do have one though, that gets easily bored.  He's younger and very playful - which is one of the endearing qualities. 

This is Cocoa, aka "Little Man".  He is allegedly a 7 year old Kentucky Mountain Horse.  He acts much more like a 4 year old.

Around here, animals get more nicknames as time goes by.  This week, Little man earned another nickname.

Maintenance and Improvements are constant around a country property.  We had finally gotten around to building rolling barn doors for the South Side of the barn last fall to help keep driving Southerly rainstorms from soaking the interior of the barn, including all the stored Hay.    Anyone who has built doors from scratch knows it takes a bit of time to do.  As you can see, Cocoa's boredom got exercised on the door...

Can you guess what Little Man's new nickname is?

No, it's not sh**head, though that might be appropriate too!
The horses enjoyed a lot of turnout time this weekend, and have been getting more attention - one little horse in particular.

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  1. So how is trasher doing? Looking for Hank's ranking and they have him at #14 in the nation without his two first place wins. Looking like top ten to me.

    If you ever need trasher to get a work out give me a call. We can take him out for a long ride. There are some great trails in the East Bay.

    Rod, Joanie, Chloe and Bailey