Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Auntie Lynn & Loki

Saturday was a beautiful Day in Northern California.  Finally some nice blue skies, though a bit breezy it was a fabulous day!  What better to do with it than have a friend come over and play with dogs!

Loki is a great looking dog.  He easily finished his show Championship and our friend Lynn Martin is thinking about getting a field title on Loki.  The question was - does Loki have the instinct?  He most certainly does!

Lynn has been a friend for several years.  She was "Auntie Lynn" for our Nellie/ET litter and was at the vet with us for the puppy evaluations.  She's also been wonderful at the shows, encouraging and upbeat.  Lynn is a real force behind Janet showing the dogs.  In that vain, while she was over, she evaluated  Hank and Scarlet conformationally speaking.  When she gaited them around outside her years of experience in the show ring were self evident - she got them to move beautifully!  All in all, in was a great morning!

Thanks Auntie Lynn for everything you've done for us - hopefully we can return the favor soon and get that HT title on Mr. Handsome aka Loki!  And Thank you for being our Friend!

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