Thursday, May 20, 2010

Friends - Part one of many!

So we've decided to brag about our Friends.  This will be a first installment, so if you're  not mentioned yet - don't worry!  It's in no order of importance - likely more order of who we can scrape up pictures of! 

We've had dogs for decades, and have many old friends and many new friends since we've gotten into Vizslas.  I think we'll try to mix it up a bit!  So here goes!

Rodney and Joanie Michaelson - you're spotlighted!

I pinched this photo from Rod's blog.  You have no idea how many pictures of Bailey, Chloe and Rod I had to go through to finally find one of Rod and Joanie!  Now in Rod's defense, he does say it's a Vizsla blog at the top...

Rod's blog can be found at

Janet and I first met Rod and Joanie a little over a year ago at the Kistler Ranch Vizsla Horseback trial put on by the Vizsla Club of Northern California.  We have a lot in common and got to know each other more when we all showed up in Portland at the same time for the TEVCO trial.  Since then, we have become fast friends and anyone who knows either Rod or Joanie knows what wonderful people they are!

We had Rod up for his first real pheasant hunt this past season on ours and neighboring farms.  That involves walking a lot, joking with friends and not shooting any birds!

Rod is much more eloquent in his blog's description of the day!

  Rod - I promise this year we'll do better about getting some hunts in - ones where we get birds (not Bailey catching them for us!)

Thanks Rod and Joanie for being our friends!

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  1. Welcome to blogging! I added you to my blogging vizslas list. Can't wait to read more hunting updates.