Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Exercising Vizslas can be FUN!

There's a sport called "bikejoring". It involves :

  • A Bike

  • A "tugline" (note my tugline here is a leash wrapped around the post on the bike, then bungees to absorb shock to the harness) Poor man's way to bikejor...

  • A harness

  • A dog that likes to pull in harness

Scarlet is getting much better at pulling - Tessa is ready for the ididarod - except it would have to be dry and about 60 degrees Farenheit.

This is a very fun way to run your dogs - they get full running, pulling weight, but not too much. It's great conditioning for their "wind" when trialing and it always makes me smile doing it. I would suggest gloves, a helmet and a face shield, because they tend to pepper you with debris! Good luck and have fun!


  1. By spring you can hook them to the plow.

    We'll have to hook Bailey and Hank together. The competition to pull harder will put you at about 35 mph.

    I noticed that when we dog sat another male and I ran them next to me off the bike on the "springer." They would try to out pull each other to get out front.

  2. Yeah, for this "photo shoot" we only hooked up one dog. Generally we'll hook two up with a collar line between them (note the double set of bungees on the tugline).

    Lemme tell ya! Two Vizsla's Starting off fresh and it's exciting! I want to video it sometime, but I'm too chicken to try it one handed! wonder if I can borrow a helmet cam from someone....

  3. I have been hesitant about the bike thing simply due to there being more "involved" my preferred method of "roading" choice is Roller blades.. (!/video/video.php?v=124052058102 crappy video, but don't have willing videographers) She LOVES it.. but after about 40 minutes of her pulling me I usually have to stop due to her pads being worn smooth (she's just a little girl topping out at about 40lbs). Unfortunately I don't live near any good paved bike paths anymore, so the blades are collecting dust, which tempts me to get into biking...tempts..