Monday, April 9, 2012


Saturday a family surrendered their Vizsla to Northern California Vizsla Rescue.  Said they didn't have time for it...  We've got the papers and vaccination records and dog food and her bed.  Three of us pretty knowledgable in the breed looked at her pedigree and didn't recognize a single dog, a single kennel name, and in the pedigree not a single title.  Does that matter?  Not a bit.  She's all Vizsla, all day long, and pretty dad-gum adorable! 

Meet Chloe

She is very much a sweet Vizsla.  She loves snuggling up, playing and hanging out with people.  She has fit right in with the other dogs, both Male and Female.  She currently resists going into her crate, but is getting better each day.  We've not had her out running off lead yet, but indications around the house are that she recalls well.  She does try to bolt out the doors into the garage or back yard and we are working on "wait" at doorways as well.  She's smart and seems to be learning quickly.  She has not shown any aggression towards us or the other dogs.

I'm sure Chloe will end up in a great home!  I'm also sure that we'll miss her when she does!

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