Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Puppy Update

It's been a big growth spurt from the last update on the puppies!  They are growing so quickly and all of them are solid and getting stronger every day.  Their eyes are beginning to open and their world is expanding. 

We've completed the bio-sensor training.  Yesterday was the 16th day.  We did this training from day three to day sixteen (see "Super Dog" Post ) for more information on Bio Sensor training and it's benefits.

Tessa keeping tabs on Janet with black collar pup

It's been interesting watching them progress through the training.  Initially, much resistance to lying on their backs, now though, they all seem to just melt in your hands.  The cool rag portion gets them standing quickly.  No one cares for the inverted hold very much at all, and they seem oblivious to the toe/foot stimulation. 

They all like the lying on their back... now.

We'll post a bunch of pictures in the next day!  Thanks for your patience while I went to play with the grownup dogs!

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  1. Thank you for the new pics! I do love the hunting stories ( you are a really great writer), but it's been hard for me to be patient - you may understand :) - to see more of the pups. My that's a chubby little girl pup!