Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Long overdue update

It seems there is little time for blogging about life, when one is so busy running through it!

So whatcha been up to, you ask?

Janet and I were pleased to be able to be mentors again at the Vizsla Club of Northern California Fun Field day again this year.  It is an event we always look forward to doing.  There is little in life that is better than watching a pups instincts come alive and watching the joy in an owners face as they share in the moment!

We took that concept and decided we wanted to do that more than once a year, so have had a great time putting on beginner Field events Seminars.  We truly love that aspect of what we do, and the ability to share it with folks and their pups is amazing.  To see dogs afield and bring people in to the sport is a true privilege!

Speaking of privileges, we weren't looking for another addition, but....  we have a new pup we co-own with Tim Heydorff and Karen Bravender.  "Khaleesi" is her call name.  For those who follow game of thrones you know from where the name comes.
She's been a lot of fun this first Puppy/season, pulling in at least half a dozen placements.  She is spending some time for the next couple months with Tim and Karen in SoCal.  She'll be coming back in time to go to South Dakota for Summer camp when we leave California at the end of July and return beginning of November.

We're offering a split or full camp this year as folks have requested, and are also planning on attending a few trials in and around the Dakota's, as well as the VCA National Field Trial in neighboring Wyoming.  If you'd like info on our Summer camp, dates etc.  check it out here.

We've been busy breeding pups as well, and currently have two litters of pups on the ground, a couple weeks apart.  We didn't plan for them to be at the same time, but nature is nature!  Nellie has one beautiful male pup available to a great home that will hunt and/or compete with him who we call "chief" or Little Big Man.  This is a repeat breeding of Nellie x Scar that produced "Sugar" the #1 Puppy/Derby for three months in 2014.

Scarlet also had a repeat litter with Leuc that has a few pups available at the time of this writing.  They'll be ready to go to their new homes the beginning of July.

For the blog on these litters, and for future as well, we use willowynd-vizsla-puppies.blogspot.com as a new permanent place to post updates, videos, etc. specific to the litters.

Breeze and Rudolph are in steadiness training and should be running in competition this fall as broke dogs after Summer Camp.  Ty is home with Charles for  6 weeks of R&R and will be back to go to Summer Camp in preparation for trial season.

Janet is enjoying not having to go to an office anymore, much prefers her new place of employment, which really does go to show that pay isn't everything!

We're making some strides on improvements to the Davis property, we have shade sails up over the play yards now and are working to fully convert the attached garage to a true "dog room".  That's all for another day and another post!

Thanks for being part of our world!
Janet & Ken

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