Sunday, March 2, 2014

UC Davis Canine Breeder's Symposium

Yesterday Janet and I attended an all day Symposium for Canine Breeders at the University of California at Davis Veterinary Teaching Hospital.  It was sponsored by the student theriogenology club.
Yes, that's a big word!  It was explained at the opening of the day and the best way I can describe it is the branch of veterinary medicine encompassing all aspects of reproduction.  It was exceptionally well attended, in fact they said it was the highest attended seminar ever at UCD.  We had 208 people in a room designed for somewhat less than that, and an additional 240+ attending via live webinar.
The topics were very, very interesting to those of us in the breeding world, beginning with Ovulation timing in the bitch and running the gamut of subjects throughout the full day.  Discussion on Male and Female reproductive anatomy, the "why" behind the "how", genetics, C-sections vs. Natural delivery, Artificial Insemination, Transcervical vs. Surgical.  It was a world class instructional team and a first rate symposium for a measly $65 including continental breakfast, lunch and a tour of the hospital.
I wish I could go again today, it was that good.  I would strongly recommend if you have the opportunity in the future, don't pass it up.  We had people around us that traveled 12 hours to attend, and likely some further that I never met.
I personally found it well worth the time and effort.  I only wish I had some of this information/knowledge a couple litters ago.  The neonatal resuscitation segment might just have given us the tools and knowledge to have saved two beautiful pups.
Now I need to order some stuff I found out about yesterday.  Let's see, where's that list in all these notes....  

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