Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Hunt/Train Day

Yesterday I was invited to a Private hunt at a Northern California Upland Bird Hunting Club by a Client.  I brought four dogs with me, three of hunting age, one just a babe in the field at 12 weeks.
Ramon with Ducati and Pressy
 We had a great time and very much enjoyed the company of Ramon's 15 year old Daughter Ella who seemed to be doing very well and getting in some good shots!  I love getting youth out in the field and think the world of Parents and other adults who bring their kids into the world of dogs and birds.
Ella having fun - Great young Sportswoman!
 Having the opportunity to work dogs from a training standpoint in a Hunting setting is outstanding.  I didn't carry a gun all day, but got some great work and good lessons in on the dogs while still having a lot of fun and a good hunt.  It was a true win/win/win!
Pressy on Point with Ella and Archie moving in for the shot

Proud Ella with HER dog Pressy and a few of the day's take.
 Ramon Adopted Pressy from a Craigslist surrender Ad.  He is one lucky guy - she's got a fantastic loving personality and is a hard hunter already!  It was a very warm day and the dogs worked hard in the heat and tough scenting conditions.
Pressy Cooling out in the shade

Some of the day's birds.

Archie, Stylish and Cool after the hunt

Ramon about to get a Thank You kiss from Scarlet.
Thanks from us too Ramon!  It was a great day and look forward to doing it again!

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