Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Is she...?

It's coming on breeding season here and the first of two of our girls has been bred.  She flies home from Michigan tomorrow (where most Field Vizslas are now preparing for the Nationals).  We bred Nellie (Willowynd's Nitrous Nellie,JH) to "Scar" Mudbone and Firestorm's Cicatriz.

Nellie Produced an outstanding litter on her first litter, with three of the four ending up in the top 15 Nationally ranked as Puppy/Derbies, Pearl ending up as #1 when she aged out.  Currently all three from that previous litter are running in the Senior dog Field trial stakes and making strides.  All pups from the first litter were OFA Good. 

I was fortunate to have scouted Scar at a Field trial in Nebraska.  My horse Kona and I worked quite hard as he put down an outstanding and impressive run.  He is a young dog and I'm certain will be a force to be reckoned with in competition.  Run and hunt and style are important to be certain, but his personality is outstanding.  He was outgoing and friendly with all who met him and as we always say, we need to live with our dogs 365 days a year.  He's one that fits that bill perfectly!

So hopefully, somewhere in early December we'll be joined by a bunch of cute red pups!  As we do with all our potential pairings, we anticipate a strong Field Ability in this litter.  Please feel free to e-mail us for more information if interested in this litter, or the pending Tessa x Oakley Litter.

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