Monday, May 28, 2012

Shot of little "Whiskey"

Today was a fun morning. I had the opportunity to work with an 11 week old German Wirehaired Pointer named "Whiskey". .
This little guy seems absolutely fearless. Aside from the introduction to birds in the video below, he also waded into the flooded areas, runs around as much as his little legs will carry him and seems intent on being a "Big Dog" as soon as he can.



  1. Oh my goodness... what a cutie! It's great to see little pups getting bird exposure at such a young age. :)

  2. He's a very fun little guy. We really believe getting birds in their mouths prior to 16 weeks is a great asset to the dog - imprinting them to game for life.

  3. fantastic video, great explanations too. That pup did great! Totally agree about early birds getting the wheels going. SUCH a fun time.