Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fun Fun Fun Till Daddy took the chuckar away

"Nuk" after not quite enough fun!
The Vizsla Club of Northern California held it's annual "Fun Field Day" Saturday, April 14th at Hastings Island Hunting Preserve near Rio Vista California.  This is a great day for any Vizsla enthusiast as everyone comes out to help introduce new people and young dogs to the exciting realm of birds and field work.  For a Vizsla, this is a day in heaven.  Attendance was high, with 73 dogs entered in different classes ranging from Puppy to Novice, to Advanced/Senior Dogs.

"Riley" on point
"Riley" With HER bird
"Riley" wanting HER bird back!

Janet and I look forward to this event every year.  For us, it is a thrill to see energetic new people discover the fun that is running dogs in the field and seeing the genetics in the dogs come out as the pups "turn on".  It is truly a Happy Place and a great day!

These two young couples (above) and their dogs were very fun to spend a bit of the morning with.  Their dogs really turned on - at lunch the "Judges" were commenting on Stella - she stood out in their minds having held her point for a very long time. 

The Bird work doesn't necessarily stop once the dogs leave the field....

And the socializing is EVERYWHERE!

It is not only a fun day, but it also allows for some of us to train in a competition setting.  I used the opportunity to get a training session in on Bailey and was very happy with the lesson we achieved. 

I have to say one of the real highlights of the day was the very last brace of the Junior or Novice field.  The dog had run earlier and this was a "re-run".  I'm fairly certain though the dog thought it was a fantastic time, his "Dad" is still flying on cloud nine! 

A very good friend that also has blog posts and photos of the event if interested in his viewpoints

And a final HUGE THANK YOU! to Suzy and Stephen for their tremendous efforts in putting on this event and everyone from Judges to bird planters and all points in between that volunteered time to help.  It's the dedication of all these folks that make all this possible!

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