Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Gifts for the Vizsla Lover

Ok, so here are my top picks of things a Vizsla Lover would like to have for Christmas:

1.  A "Springer" combo'd with a Mountain bike and roading harness is a great addition to help keep the house sane.

2.  A Year's supply of "Bully Sticks"
3.  Dog Sleeping Bags

(Thanks Rod for letting me steal the picture!)

4.  A bigger bed like this Extreme Ultra King - 12' Wide x 10' Long - We might actually not have to grip the edge not to fall off!!!

5.  Maybe keep just ONE MORE.....????  PLEEESE????

I can make room on the line for it!!!


  1. We have Springers on our mountain bikes! Love them! But did not know you can hook up two dogs. Please need more info!!!!!

    Also interested the other items. What is a bully stick? Where did you get those beds!!!!!!

    Yours Truly,
    Mom of Willowynd's Xena Warrior Princess

  2. Mom of Xena Warrior Princess. This is Rod Michaelson and we visited at the South Coast Vizsla trial.

    The post I did back in December of last year gives you what is needed to run two dogs.

    Makes a great Christmas run for the dogs and ride for the owner.


  3. Very cute! I'm going to have to check out the springer, that looks great! As for the treats, no more for Ky until he finishes the full cabinet shelf that he has already. He's doing great and I love him more everyday, if that is possible! we did a xmas eve w/some friends who have 8 month old "pup" who definitely has some irish wolfhound in him and the pictures and video were so awesome - they both had so much fun ...we'll do another blog post soon. Hope to see you all soon in the new year!

  4. Rod
    Thanks for the great post on cycling with Vs, was super helpful! I'm trying to talk mum into getting one for us.
    Bella (