Monday, December 6, 2010


Definition of  "Bittersweet"

1: something that is bittersweet; especially : pleasure alloyed with pain
This is the definition of the past week.  As the weekend drew nearer, our collective family disposition became progressively sadder.  Though we tried to bury the feelings in our duties, the mood was palpable.  Our family poured our hearts and souls and lives into this last litter of pups from Tessa and Jack.
 In the confluence of a single morning, 5 of seven pups were escorted out to waiting vehicles to transport them to new loves, new lives, new homes. Sunday came and a sole girl remained. 
It seemed Tessa sensed the coming as well - allowing the last two pups to nurse even at 8 weeks, long dried of milk it must have been pure emotion having "lost" most of her litter the day before.  She has kept close watch on the remaining pup, staying near.  The remaining girl will be with us for one more week - she is our blessing and I'm certain will grow even larger in our hearts in the coming days. 

These are the times caring breeders dread.  The sudden emptiness, the deafening silence, the remnants of what moments before was an exuberant overflowing emphasis of life sits now like a vacant tenement.  There is no other description that suits the bitter taste left behind.  So why do we do this?  Why put our lives through such a roller coaster of emotion knowing this is a result...?
Because the second portion of the term is "Sweet". 
"something, as an experience, that gives delight or satisfaction" and "agreeable to the mind; gratifying"
To bring these adorable puppies into the world, hold them and care for them, foster their development to the best of our abilities so that they can be great additions to other's lives -
To see young Regan and Mia and Landon wrap their arms around a puppy that loves them purely for simply being -

To know the enjoyment and life they will bring to Paul and Joy, Tom and Nancy, Hal and Victoria, Wes and Aulani, Tim and Karen, Jodi and Ed, Dominik and Anne and their families -

To see the pups grow and develop and demonstrate their genetics afield...

These are the decades of sweet moments to which we are afforded by enduring the current moment of bitterness.  It is a bad tasting medicine well worth taking.


  1. Ken,
    That was great to read. I loved the pictures and your discriptions.
    The hats look good that you had made.

  2. Wow Ken - you need to write a book - or just take your blog posts and make a book! That was incredible - just the whole thing. I've always felt bad for mamma dogs when they lose their babies - probably can't even describe (and for you and the fam) - but you did a pretty amazing job describing nonetheless. We feel so lucky to have our baby from you all - SO lucky!

  3. Ken, you brought tears to my eyes! Thank you Ken, Janet and your wonderful daughter for taking such good care of our Xena. Her tail is high! She is in for a really good life! Smoke and Jade love her and can't wait for permission to play with her without supervision! Thanks!

    Paul & Joy

  4. What a wonderful story. I truly enjoyed reading it. And as another person said above - you brought tears to my eyes.

    Thanks for sharing a heartwarming story.