Thursday, October 14, 2010

Gone Huntin'

Well, I know I'll be back, but my Buddy Rod and I are heading East to the Plains of South Dakota for a week of Pheasant and Sharptail hunting with 5 lucky Vizslas.  There's no internet at the Cabin and it's not like there's a 'bucks with wifi down the street, so we'll be offline for a good week and a half. 

Sorry, as I know you'll all be looking for puppy updates, etc.  We'll have lots to post when we return!


  1. A huntin' we will go, a huntin' we will go, high ho the cheery oh, a huntin' we will go.

    Good by civilization. You'll still be here when we get back.

    I'm bringing the "good camera."

    Rod with his lucky dogs

  2. As you say, Tessa can't have all the fun! hope the Hankster, Scarlet, & Nellie have a great time - oh of course you too :))))