Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Western Vizsla Classic - Part one

Janet and I just returned from our trip to Utah - it was a long, yet quick trip. We left at 7 p.m Thursday night after working all day and drove the 715 miles to Fairfield Utah arriving Friday around 3 p.m. We hung out with old friends Jim & Pat Searles, Tim Heydorf and Karen Bravender (Pearl's owners) and made 2 new friends Friday night of Tom & Cindy Pescod of Sonoita, AZ.

I soooo want a rig like Tom & Cindy's! Yes, it's big, but it's also soooo comfortable! We had our own potluck dinner and dessert in Tom & Cindy's trailer. There was 8 of us all comfortably seated like we were in the living room of a comfortable house! A big shift from our makeshift horse trailer quarters where one turns in place and getting dressed is a ballet! Thanks so much to the Pescod's for their hospitality and great company!

I'll post more and put some photo's up on the trip and it's adventures in the next day or so.

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  1. Quite the nice rig. Now that is how to field trial. Some people dream of large yacht for cruising the San Francisco Bay. And some dream of a Freighliner with 400hp Cat engine 9 speed transmission and horse/house trailer to pull behind. Life is good.